Regarding Us

We’ve worked across Canada and travelled all over the world but we’re happy to call Vernon, British Columbia our home. Where did our name come from? Well...we liked the movie. You know...the one with Edward Norton and Matt Damon.



I've been fortunate enough to work alongside some exceptional artists, designers and journalists in several small design shops and a few large internet companies across Canada. Pencil, paintbrush or stylus, I have a huge appreciation and respect for design practices and principles. It is more than just drawing pictures but encompasses an understanding of planning, logic, and communication among other things.  I try to pursue a measure of excellence in each of these areas with every project I work on.


I've been programming computers since the age of 12 when I acquired a Commodore 64. I graduated from UBC with a computer science degree in 1996 and have been working as a web developer ever since. Most of my early career was spent programming in Perl and then PHP but I discovered Ruby in 2007 and have been specializing in Ruby on Rails projects ever since.